Avoid the “big baby” trap

 Don't worry if you're told your baby is getting "too big" — there are many positions and comfort measures to try during labor with a big baby. Plus, your baby may not really be "too big" after all.

Freaking out because you've been told your baby is getting "too big?"

Don't freak. Get the facts.


What’s up with belly mapping?

 Your baby's position can make all the difference during labor and birth. Gail Tully, founder of Spinning Babies, shares how belly mapping can help you — and Baby — have an easier birth.

The ideal position for a baby to be in for labor and delivery is anterior — meaning the baby's head is facing down.

Have a flexible labor

 Even the most detailed birth plan doesn't mean labor will go, well, as planned. Flexibility and keeping an open mind may be the ideal way to approach labor and birth.

There's so much information about planning for labor and delivery that it can be overwhelming. So, how about forgetting about planning and focus on keeping a

Let’s change the language of birth

 "Incompetent" cervix, really? "Failure" to progress, seriously? It's time to change how we talk about pregnancy, labor and birth.

When I teach childbirth classes, I ask expectant parents what word comes to mind when they hear the word labor.

Answers typically include words like pain, beautiful, challenging, hard and the list [Read More…]

Homebirth, I can’t quit you

 There were aspects of my first homebirth I didn't love. In fact, there were parts I didn't even like. Not only that, homebirth will (most likely) be more expensive than a hospital birth. And yet, here I am pregnant with my fourth child, planning another homebirth. Here are my reasons for embarking on this journey

Water birth stories

 Have you ever wondered what water births are all about or even considered having this kind of natural birth? We have water birth information from the most reliable sources: real women who've had them and share their water birth pros and cons.

Water births have been a favored option for many women, for many years

This just in: Celebrities are not medical experts

This just in: Celebrities are not medical experts


By Katie Hurley, LCSW


Posted: Mar 19, 2014 10:00 AM

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IKEA employee tells breastfeeding mom she’s disgusting

 A breastfeeding mom is harassed at IKEA by an employee, and this reveals surprising truths about where we are as a human society.

Photo credit: Judith Haeusler / Cultura / Getty Images

In a terrible story of customer service gone wrong comes some bits of info that leave a really bad taste in our mouths [Read More…]

New study shows no long-term benefit to breastfeeding

 Ohio State sociologists Cynthia Colen and David Ramey researched to determine the long-term benefits of breastfeeding as compared to formula feeding. They conducted a sibling study of 1,773 children in which one sibling was breastfed and one wasn’t. Their findings: There are no long-term advantages to breastfeeding. HUH?

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How to choose (and use) the right car seat

 Car seat safety is one thing parents can control when driving with kids in the car. With countless car seat options — and changing car seat laws — staying informed is the best way to choose a car seat to keep your child safe.

Breaking down car seat types

Walking into a baby store for the first